Colore's Origin

Design by Malik, this collection of fine handmade rugs celebrates life to its fullest. Vivid and playful to calm and sophisticated color pallets originates a unique experience. Malik has always been synonymous with his product made of the highest quality materials combined with master artisanship and truly unique designs.

This experience is a trick of the eye, where all you see at first sight is a clean interpretation of art afterwards all the hidden beauty and handmade details appears on the canvas to be cherished for a long time. Passion of color combined with Vintage rugs from early to mid 19th century era defines Malik’s Colore. Colore translates creativity and imagination into beauty that harmonizes with any choice of interior style.

About Rug forming: Each rug began its journey as one of a kind vintage rug hand woven during classic rug era, early-mid 19th century, Turkey. After being embraced for decades these rugs are now neutralized from its original color preserving the original design and texture. Next finding companion vintage rugs to be patched with using hand stitches, these rugs are then over-dyed by master of color to achieve a modern work of art.