Since Inception of Colore and Amara’s natural organic collection, Malik’s ambition is to create handmade rugs of finest quality by using many nature’s gifts and recycleable materials.

Nature of colore made it possible to re-use vintage carpets to simply achieve this goal. These vintage carpets are re-dyed using mostly natural dyes.

Please take a moment to watch Amara’s manufacturing video of knotted rugs and enjoy how we try our level best to practice low-environmental impact manufacturing processes.

Handmade from the base hand knotted rug to hand stitches and dying process.

Each rug from this collection begins its journey as one of a kind vintage hand woven, during classic rug era, early-mid 19th century, Turkey. After being embraced for decades these rugs are now neutralized from their original colors preserving the original design and texture. Next, finding companion vintage rugs to be patched with using hand stitches these rugs are then over dyed by the master of color to achieve a modern work of art.

Colore, transforms imperfect old rugs into modern art while embracing the nature. Due to the character and making process of these rugs, each piece has Inconsistencies and no two rugs are exactly the same. Colore translates creativity and imagination into beauty and art that harmonizes with any choice of interior style.

Fabric is used on the back side of the rug to secure the patches, please note, we do not use handmade backing fabric, but a handmade fabric can be used on a special request, please contact us to learn more.